How to prevent and Remove black lips

How to remove black lips needed the right so that the function of the lips as the symbol of sensuality awake. Related organs, many women who are hit by the turmoil because it felt a Flash of they don't lip color should be.

Lips indeed should not, let alone a dark black. The lip consists only of 3-5 cell layers, compared to facial skin that has up to 16 layers of fruit. At least the coating makes the skin of the lips contain fewer pigment-producing melamine color skin.

lips also have blood vessels, due to thin the lining of the lips, then red could look. lips also has no sweat glands and sebaceous glands. The absence of two of these glands makes lips very susceptible dry and chapped.

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How to prevent and Remove black lips

Some of the stuff below is prevention, as well as how to remove black lips can be done.

  • Reduce caffeinated beverages.

Changing lip color became more dark can be caused by many things. One may not provision unexpected is because often consuming caffeinated hot beverages, such as coffee or tea.

Reduce the frequency of consumption of caffeinated hot beverages type above can eliminate dark or black color on the lips.

  • Don't bite and lick the lips

Biting and licking the lips too often also considered can make dark colored lips. don't do this bad habit when you want a beautiful lips.

  • Do not use cosmetics that contain harmful chemicals.

Most cosmetics offers the magic usually contain a highly toxic mercury, such as peeling, bleach, and acid to brighten the lips.

One of the effects that may appear is the skin damage, including being dark. make it a habit to read labels and as much as possible to consult a dermatologist.

  • Stop smoking

Sucking smoking can also affect to the color of the lips because the nicotine content of risky darken lips. In addition, tobacco and tar may have contributed towards the more dark lips.

Heat from cigarettes could potentially make the skin produce more melamine so lets make darker lips.

  • Protect your lips from the Sun

Too often exposed to sunlight turns to potentially create a darker lip color. This is considered reasonable because sunlight is able to burn and make dry lips making it look darker. Wear sunscreen, prioritizing their sunscreen containing SPF of more than 20.

  • Wear a safe cosmetics

the use of natural cosmetics is not bad for long term effect conferring. For example, by wearing a lipstick red. It could also wear concealer powder so that the lip is more gentle.

Although rare, there are diseases that can cause Black-colored area on the lips, that is the skin cancer melanoma.

Immediately consult a physician when on your lips there are black areas with irregular shapes, uneven fringe, with a diameter of more than 6 mm, and continuously enlarges.


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