how to whiten teeth safely and quickly

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Whiten teeth became one of the ways to improve is confidence. However, the recommended way of teeth whitening done carefully by a physician.

Teeth Whitener teeth color work with mempercerah original. This treatment can be done by a professional dentist, beauty salon or do it yourself with a device that is sold freely on the market.

However, in addition to not be permanent, there are other risks if undergoing teeth whitening by parties who are not professionals.

in General, the way teeth whitening done doctor in two ways:

1.Using a mold of teeth

the doctor will make a mold of your teeth to wear at home in conjunction with use of the whitening gel to the teeth. The treatment lasted for a little over a month now requires you to pay a visit to the doctor for routine teeth checked. Some specific types of whitening gel can be used for eight hours, so treatment period can be shorter.

2.wear the laser teeth whitening

Laser disorotkan to the ranks of the teeth whitening product that already. The spotlight is done for about 60 minutes is useful to activate the bleach. This valuable treatments more expensive than the method using a mold.

Noteworthy things, teeth whitening should only be done in people with healthy teeth and gums. This is because other procedures such as tooth whitening, also contain certain risks.

Is it safe to whiten teeth?

Medically, tooth whitening procedures can be made if problems occur on the teeth as the demise of nerve as well as with the purpose of aesthetic or for beauty.

However, teeth whitening done in beauty salons without a doctor's direction has risks that could endanger the health of your teeth.

A mold of teeth is not made by a doctor may not be installed correctly, causing gum blister due to the leaking of the whitening gel. Similar risk can also occur with teeth whitening products are sold freely.

These products are assessed not effective in whitening teeth. In addition, the use of a whitening product on sensitive teeth can thus aggravate the condition.

Meanwhile, bleach or bleaching products containing peroxide or other products that are sold non-risk causing sensitive teeth, gum irritation, and damage the enamel of teeth or email.

Terms to whiten teeth

prior to whiten teeth note several of the following:

  • various problems such as ringworm, cavities and swollen gums are advised completed responses prior to undergoing treatment.
  • If you decide to use teeth whitening product being sold freely, read how to wear and the materials contained in it carefully. Avoid substances like peroxide with a high percentage to reduce the risk of their use.
  • The materials contained in the teeth whitening is not recommended for use in pregnant and nursing mothers.
  • Teeth whitening used on healthy teeth and gums though remain at risk of causing sensitive teeth for a few moments.
  • Teeth whitening results can only survive in a matter of months to a maximum of two years. The effect will be lost faster if you frequently consume tea, coffee, soda, or smoking.

To consult a dentist or a person who has already undergone tooth whitening over ways to make you feel more confident in choosing treatment.

Make sure you get program information, in writing, the following cost estimates, as well as the risks that might arise prior to undergoing treatment.


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